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If you want to equip your operation, large or small, practically and economically, you need more than just an equipment manufacturer. Processing operations expect professionalism right down to the last product detail and rightly so. Only when you speak the same language do convincing products and solutions become possible in terms of quality, price and perfect integration into your operation.

At NESS these requirements have formed the basis of our company philosophy from the very beginning. Over the years this approach has made us one of the leading companies in this market. Today our expertise and service set the standard when it comes to smoking and cooking equipment, smoke generators, boilers, maturing chambers or complete processing lines.

We like to apply the same care our customers take with their products to our own equipment – because ultimately you depend on consistent product quality that your customers can see, smell and taste – that’s the key to your success!

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Be it meat products, poultry, fish or cheese – smoke imparts taste, colour and the correct degree of maturity and therefore often individual character to a wide variety of products. NESS hot smoking systems uniquely combine our experience from more than 100 years. Customer-oriented construction, solid and robust design, high processing quality and high-quality materials are the basis for reliable equipment that proves itself in the daily work routine. From single to multi-trolley systems, NESS offers the right size, equipment and heating method for every plant configuration.


We are manufacturing baking and roasting plants from one-trolley to industrials plants of 10-trolley chambers in single- or dual row execution. By the special air supply system through alternating dampers and air guiding plates you are getting on all levels of the product trolleys homogenous baking results of all products. Independent if your baking products are hanging or laying on the trolleys.


NESS GARMACHE cooking chambers can be used for the heat treatment of a large variety of products. They convince through mature technology, optimum heat efficiency and excellent insulation, and enable homogeneous product treatment. They are equipped with two core temperature sensors and a powerful control system, enabling Delta-t and core temperature cooking without problem.


Longer shelf life, more efficient production and improved quality are demands that can be met through the use of powerful intensive cooling systems. Our systems are suitable for nearly all meat and sausage products, as well as for the production of ready-made meals. They shorten cooldown times after the heat treatment and reduce weight loss.


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